February 20th, 2012 by admin

Recently we attended a funeral at our former church of a beloved member of the Prison Ministry.  Cherry also was there and it was wonderful to see him and catch up with him.

His wife Thelma had died two years ago.  He still can barely talk about her passing without crying.  She was his anchor in the world that he had left for 25 years and was now getting to know again.  He has been in grief counseling which helps a little…

He has maintained the same job of being an HIV counselor and finds it still a rewarding experience.  The good news is that he was released from parole because of his work ethic and adaptation to life on the outside.  Now he can travel outside of New York State and does not have to worry about being late for a meeting with his parole officer.  There are hundreds of random bits of behavior which can get a person sent back to prison.

Cherry has relatives in Virginia Beach and we hope at some point he can visit us and come to Sojourners.

Barbara & Warren Brecht