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Ojola Group Meeting 1-10-2010

Monday, February 1st, 2010

The Ojola Group met briefly on 1/10/2010 to review the 2009 annual report and to discuss finances, requests, and the projected budget for 2010.  In addition to the 3 secondary and 3 primary school children we are already sponsoring, the group was asked to consider sponsoring three additional boys  (2 secondary / 1 primary), one of whom is truly destitute.  Other requests included hiring a cook so that the children don’t have to cook for themselves during the school day; and paying fees so that Christine, Syprose’s adult daughter and manager of the Project, could enroll in Part II of a CPA course.  A fourth request (carried over from this past summer) was for support for Victor Ochieng to take a computer course.  (Victor was a beneficiary of Ojola Project funds and did very well on his end-of-high school exams).  This request is still pending, as the Ojola Group has not been given an estimate on course costs.

The group decided that it could meet the first three requests by adding them to the projected budget through grants and existing funding.  Also, the Ojola Group is awaiting a response from the Odero stakeholders on the feasibility of opening up a tailor shop now that funds are available.